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How Do I Retire from Real Estate?

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The Golden Handoff

There is a way to retire from real estate with relaxation and free time, to maintain an income stream, and to ensure your clients are well taken care of. It’s called The Golden Handoff and here’s how it works:

  1. You connect with a successful agent to adopt your clients. This person is your Adopting Agent.
  2. You announce your retirement and that the Adopting Agent will be taking care of your clients going forward.
  3. The Adopting Agent calls, emails, and pro-actively communicates with your clients.
  4. You collect referral fees on any closed deals with your clients for the next three years!

When most agents retire they don’t get anything from the effort and time they have put into their business.  You might get a referral or two you can send to a peer but the problem is there is no pro-active effort.

The Golden Handoff is the process of finding a great Adopting Agent who will take over the task of marketing to your clients and make sure you get the most benefit from all the work you’ve put into your business.  I was able to help one Retiring Agent make $50,000 in referral fees in one year!

Don’t let your business just disappear, take the few simple steps in the Golden Handoff and you’ll be making money long after you stop working!

The Golden Handoff Book is Coming Soon!

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After years of writing and editing the book The Golden Handoff will be released as paperback and ebook Summer of 2015. I’m so excited to share the ideas AND the results that this program have delivered for not just my team but also all the retiring agents I have had the honor of helping.

Here’s what Rick DeLuca has to say about The Golden Handoff:

“I think most of us have heard the old adage of “those that know do and those that don’t teach.”  Well, when it comes to Nick Krautter and his book The Golden Handoff it is clearly written by someone who has done it! He has done it and now he shows others how to do the same.  To have watched Nick’s real estate career explode because of the principals he shares in this book has been one of the joys of my 39 year real estate career.  If you’re looking for a step-by-step system to increase your real estate sales production – look no further.  You’ve found it!”

Rick DeLuca

International Speaker and Trainer