How Golden Handoff Works

Here are the 4 steps of the Golden Handoff:

You connect with a retiring agent to adopt their clients and become their Adopting Agent.
Your retiring agent announces their retirement and makes it clear that their Adopting Agent will be taking over their business and client relationships.
You call, email, and pro-actively communicate with the retiring agent’s clients.

You enjoy hundreds of new clients in exchange for a few years’ worth of referral fees to your retiring agent.

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About the Book – The Golden Handoff

This is the first real estate agent/sales/business book I have picked up and thought: “This is a truly novel concept.”

There are some great ones out there, suggested both in my book and in my media. But the entire topic of this book has not been covered yet.

More impressively, I thought the idea was a “unicorn;” I didn’t think the concept itself was possible to successfully execute (honestly, before this book I flat out scoffed at the idea). Now, I am revisiting my business plan in perfect time for the 2016 selling season.

Matt Parker

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About the Author – Nick Krautter

Nick Krautter is a Realtor in Portland, Oregon, where he leads a team and frequently serves as a real estate expert for the media. Krautter is an avid golfer, writer, reader, and talker who enjoys all the food, drink, and adventures that can be found in the great Northwest. He is unusually tall and once lived on a sailboat. He loves his job and still gets up early, excited about what each day holds.